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Owning your own home takes a lot of hard work. Does it seem like the minute you fix a leaking faucet or a creaky door, 10 more issues take their place? Tackle your honey-do list with the help of a local pro at McCaslin Services. We've offered home repairs and handyman services for over 20 years in Wolfforth and Lubbock, TX.

From drywall and window repairs to garage door and fencing services, we'll get right to work fixing anything in your home. If it's broken, odds are good that our experienced handyman knows just what to do.

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Why should you hire a professional for repairs?

Why should you hire a professional for repairs?

You might be tempted to do your own research and attempt a DIY home repair project, but there are several reasons why it's always best to call on a local expert. Work with us to:

  • Save time and energy
  • Prevent serious injury or property damage
  • Understand exactly how much it will cost from the start

We'll always offer a free estimate once we inspect the issue so that you can decide if it makes sense for your budget. Contact us today to ask us about our door and window repair services offered throughout Wolfforth and Lubbock, TX.